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The Green Living Experience

The significance and importance of green living is very essential to understand. The sooner we move towards a sustainable/ Green living ideas the more convenient it would be for us to grow towards a better lifestyle. Moreover nature was meant to be the way it should be completely wild, raw, & untouched but unfortunately mankind had other plans. We at ROYAL PALM are ensuring we Worship Nature by avoiding damage to nature, minimising carbon footprint, practising organic farming, conserving green energy,
adopting sustainable waste & water management techniques, & creating a ecosystem better for everyone.




Sustainability with Royal Palm

Royal Palm is responsible and we consider our duty to give it back to our mother earth as we know we are taking a lot from it. We are starting off with same yet impactful way to give it back & it is only going to grow further.

solar powered
Organic farming
Conserving Green Energy

Concept Design Projects

Royal Palm believes in introducing the most beautiful Art & Literature pieces through our Real Estate Plotting, Architecture, & Interior Designing projects. All our projects are made unique & out of the best work of art forms like music, literature, cinema, etc. We will bring you experiences of investing like never before. Royal Palm is making its mark to be the first developer to make beyond-the-life concepts come alive.


What Can We Offer

Best Prices

We always offer the best and the most affordable prices ensuring to ask the right value for it and has never disappointed the customers when it comes to the price asked & the value they gained

Best Locations

All properties are strategically located in proximity to public transports, major highways, markets & also to future potential prospects of that location

Best Experiences

We believe real estate is not just buying, selling or making properties it involves creating a beyond the life space for your dream property or investment. At Royal Palm we are ensuring we make every experience unique.

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What Our Clients Say!

Hi I'm Vaibhav, I have invested in one of the project of Royal Palm named as Royal Palm Aeroville. The process from day one was flawless. Property buying is one of the toughest things to do in present era even if we have funds handy. We were worried about investing and our good luck we found Shubham. He is my childhood friend and trust was not an issue. Friendship is one thing, the way he took us to the process is tremendous. He was there with us throughout the journey until registration.
Vedhosi Vaibhav
Victor this side, have invested in one of the projects named Royal Palm Aeroville. The Experience was good ! There were minimal communication gap, There could be some more improvements with the timeline to follow and complete the process.
Victor James
Good experience with Royal Palm through the process of Investing, Constructing, Legal, Architecture & Interior Design in their project Royal Palm Enclave Phase II.
Karmendra Singh
Investing with Royal Palm has been a tremendous experience till date. From the date of conception until registration Shubham has taken care of it like family. Every confusion of ours were effortlessly converted to conclusion by our dear guide/friend Shubham. He is always there for you. You call him at 12 in the night he replies with same grace. This trust is a life time gift we got from Royal Palm. It’s not a business for us it’s a family. I recommend anyone who is looking for property.
Karthik S.H
We had a very smooth process. It was very seamless & good to invest with royal palm
Rajendran R